September 22, 2009

Dear Lil' Wayne, I Hate You.

..But you aren't the only one.

I hate you T-Pain, I hate you Pussycat Dolls, I hate you "Flo Rida".

I am currently a victim of the war on music.
Actually, allow me to be more specific, the war on LYRICS. It is crucial that I say lyrics and not music, because for the most part, there is always a genre of music blossoming, and there are great musicians to be found... LYRICS however, in my opinion, not so common these days.

The top 40 is primarily listened to by youth, so what is it these days with the amount of profanity in songs?!?!? I mean I won't pretend that I don't say a few choice words, but EVERY SECOND WORD is crude, rude, or plain old profane! Not only is this in, say, hip-hop, it's in bubble gum pop music and pretty much everything else you can think of. I mean there's a time and place for it, but do we really need it in every song on the airwaves?

This is why when people ask me, "WHY do you listen to 90's music all the time?!" I simply press play and pass them a headphone.

SURE, I mean music is growing and changing, but since when does that mean that we have to forget about some sort of decency.? at least in the nineties boy bands' lyrics skirted around the fact that they were trying to pick up chicks (with the exception of *NSYNC's Lance Bass). Nowadays, we're straight up refering to women as garden tools..? so much for progress..

I prefer back in the day when B4-4 wanted to "set your spirit free" as opposed to some wannabe gangsta talking about how he's gonna "superman that hoe". what in the world..?

When was the last time anyone listened to a good solid B4-4 song anyways? Girls, when was the last time you listened to a rap song and thought, "wow, he said some really nice things about women!" ..try never. okay MAYBE one time..

But really, my point here I guess is that it's just so wrong that these are the things that little kids are growing up on. I had Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, All Saints,TLC, 98 degrees and *NSYNC, arguably some of the best boy and girl bands ever, with wholesome lyrics, true bubblegum stuff people. Kids now have the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus? We had old Britney, They have new Britney. I feel like this wave of kids is being totally ripped off.

Why is it so wrong for someone to make a wholesome song these days? Are poor grammar, bad pronounciation, and lack of vocabulary signs of a great lyricist? Don't give up though, wit is stil alive and fighting in the mainstream.

I think it's time for a music revolution. They say everything cycles back around again, well, let's bring back the nineties. You might say I'm stuck in the past, but what's so wrong with that? When something gives me cause to look forward, I will, until then I reserve the right to hate lame, derogatory music and miss old pop.

Despite the negative undertones in this post, this was actually rather inspiring to think about. I recently spent a good day looking for old music that I missed or that made me feel good, and deleting stuff I had (simply because it was a popular party song) that I didn't even really like! I am re-inspired to take time out to maintain my music library because it really does affect how I feel daily and it's totally worth taking some time out to clean out your song closet!

here's a dirty song from 2001 from me to you..

September 13, 2009

The Dance Disease is Contagious!!!!

Just to inject a little happiness :) ...

This is a video from Oprah's 2009 Street Festival in Chicago
800 of these people were taught this dance.. if you watch closely after a while the people outside of the gates start to join in and then it just continues to spread! Like a dance infection! The dancing crowd is actually inspired by the flash mobs that have been showing up in random places like subways. This forsure makes my inspired column, what a great way to get people involved in a performance! And who could've anticipated everyone else catching on?! I definitely recommend watching this video! It just REEKS of positivity :)

September 12, 2009

Life in... the real world?

Dun dun DUNNNNN!

The "real" world. What in the flipping heck is that supposed to mean? Everything before my high school graduation is moot? I didn't exist before 18? My life has been one HUGE staged event and I'm about to become a real sequel to "The Truman Show"?

I beg to differ.

SO they say, in the real world, people aren't always nice, life isn't fair, and bad things happen to good people. They say that no one cares if you succeed or not, and no one is going to push you.

I don't know what high schools "they" went to, but maybe it's time to re-evaluate this whole real world deal.

In high school, kids will devote time and effort to ruining eachother's lives and they will stop at nothing. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but between having someone try desperately to make sure I cry myself to sleep every night, or feel complete apathy towards me... I think I might opt for the latter.
If you've got no one who cares if you succeed in life, you have a sad existence dear friends. I hope that each and every person has SOMEONE to care if they succeed or at least who would save them if they ran off to join a cult. We all need someone to care if we sink or swim, whether it be a parent, friend, significant other, we need someone. ...however...
You shouldn't need someone else to be your motivation, you should be your motivation. You're worth the hard work, so WORK HARD!

So far I must say I'm not feeling like I've missed to much on the whole real world front. This seems pretty legit to me...
OH! life experience you say?
"you're only 18, how do you know anything about life after high school"
well hmm, maybe just because I was in high school doesn't mean I was a mindless conformer for years, walking around with a severe case of tunnel vision.

In a class filled with grade ten students, I have heard words of wisdom on topics like; abortion, assisted suicide, drugs, and world issues, that have been extremely insightful. There are full grown adults in the world who have no idea about half the topics that these young adults were tackling with inspiring passion.

I don't know where this idea that to experience life you had to be a certain age came from, but I completely and wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing more real than the experiences of high school. The extremes, are extreme, and sometimes these kids are dealing with things that people out there in the "real world" couldn't possibly understand.

I am so sick and SO TIRED of the idea that life starts AFTER graduation. Our lives are happpening now. All of my experiences have shaped who I am and I should hope that counts for something. As for the real world, who needs it? I'm perfectly happy with the world I'm in and if someone thinks for one second that work or school has anything to do with that, they are sadly mistaken.

On a somewhat lighter note, since this is some sort of world where people need sleep, I'm done ranting.

"In case I don't see you,
good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!"
- The Truman Show

September 10, 2009

Dear Poetry

Well poetry, allow me to tell you how I feel.
Using nature, in a poem..

hate thee,
with the
fire of a thousand suns.

there. creative enough?

To be honest, I don't totally hate poetry.. or writing it. It's just poetry on DEMAND that drives me up the wall.
"Well hello there, how nice to see you this morning, at 8 am. Now please bare your soul for the enjoyment of others."
"Well gee whiz teach! I'll get right on that.."
that's pretty much how it feels at least, because let's face it, the best poems reveal something about the author. Whether it be simply their sense of humour, or something much, much... much deeper, darker and uglier. PLUS, these things take time. Poets write when they feel inspired, and their words take months, days, weeks, years, a lifetime even, to perfect, and they aren't all still guaranteed to be good. So, for me, writing a semi decent poem in fifteen minutes, on demand, not likely to happen.

AND why is it that whenever people are reading a poem, they feel the need to disect it until there's nothing left but battered words screaming "stop it! I swear I only have one meaning! there's nothing more! give up already!" sometimes something actually is what it seems! Just because I'm talking about one unique tree in a forest, doesn't mean I'm actually talking about a rebel in a crowd of conformers! I just mean to say that this tree was a unique tree, and it was in a forest.

Despite poets using inspiration to guide their hand through yet another masterpiece, I think that poetry is definitely tired. When was the last time someone just flat out said what they meant? Stop hiding behind symbolism and people in train stations, because frankly, the people who need to read those poems, don't understand them. Stop being so darn pretentious!

September 8, 2009

First day jitters anyone?

You know how in movies the new girl breezes through the front doors, time almost comes to a complete stop, her hair blows in the wind (that's somehow made its way inside), and everything is slow motion. The classic new girl entrance. If only life were like that. We've all been through it, the first awkward minutes, the first class at a new school. In reality, first days rarely go quite as smoothly as they do for that girl in the movies, most of us just aren't that lucky.

Starting at college this year was absolutely terrifying for me, I won't lie. There are rows upon rows of people in the exact same situation, yet, somehow it feels like you're the only fish out of water. So you shuffle in hoping to go unnoticed, and you sit quietly in the first chair you can find. Safe for now. So you're sitting there, finally starting to feel okay, and that's when someone decides it's time to get up and break into groups. That's when you notice that the girl beside you is standing around looking as alone as you feel. SCORE, insta-friendship. You've found a temporary best friend and you aren't going to be separated if your life depends on it. So, you make your way through the rest of the day, somewhat easier now since you aren't quite so alone.

By the time you get home you barely remember those jeans you specially wore, or the pens you organized so neatly, but you definitely remember how long the day felt and how much you never, EVER, want to do it again. We all love back to school shopping, but how many of us really love back to school? New friends are great, so are new clothes, but, I think I would prefer it if I could just send a body double for the first day or so. Once you get past that first day, we tend to forget just how awkward it was, and by the time next year rolls around, we're excited all over again. Convenient.

I 'm all for new things, but I think first days are totally tired, and I could go a longggg time without having another one.!

The Name Game..

I don't think that there's anything as easy or as hard as coming up with an idea for a blog. Let's face it, we all rant. ALL of us. Whether it be in person to our best friend or to our online diaries, we do it. Now one day you may be sitting and decide you want to start a blog to vent about the events of your day or whatever it may be. When you decide to start this blog, your blog generator is going to ask you for a title. GOOD LUCK, you might as well give up on originality now. Anything you find remotely witty or charming, someone else thought of 2.2 seconds before you. Your best bet is to start picking out your number combination to add on now. There's nothing worse than having the perfect title picked out, typing it into the "availability checker" and having it pop up saying basically "SORRY, you were too slow, someone else thought of that already and now you are screwwwed". so instead of being 'carlover' you're 'carlover38682'. Great, how unique do you feel.
Sounds like a good time for a rant?
well, TOO BAD...
you can't rant until you pick a name for your blog.

blogs require some major creativity, to come up with new fresh ideas (starting with the name of course), so despite the overuse of popular slang and well, general overuse period, they are still totally inspired.