December 30, 2009

"Let It Out Wet Head."

I don't know what to tell you, bad days happen, sometimes often.
I broke another mirror this week, I think I almost sat down right there and cried.

But there's something about a bad day that makes you remember to appreciate the good days.
So maybe bad days aren't all that bad? I think they're a necessary evil, and maybe that might make it a little easier to get through them.

he hits home.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Robin layed an egg, batmobile lost a wheel and joker took ballet, HEY!

I won't bother to give you the second verse, seeing as it's just plain vulgar, and it hasn't been considered cute for me to say certain things since around twelve years ago.

This, my friends is a list of the things I was most looking forward to this winter break:

1) Learning how to sleep again without waking up periodically to make sure that I don't have homework I've forgotten about, and that I haven't over slept.

2)Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakquel! How exciting! everyone's favourite animated rodents hit the big screen again for what sure to be another gem of a movie! plus I get to put in my Alvin christmas CD which has mysteriously gone missing.

3) Road trips with good friends. It's been a while since there's been spare time, I for one intend to catch up with friends and spend some time just being stupid. It's refreshing some times.

4) Food! Already I've managed to destroy batch number one of shortbread cookies of the season. I urge you all, bake, fry, boil, grill, anything!!! Just take advantage of the holiday excuse and eat.

To be quite honest, these are the things that turned my break into a holiday. 'Tis the season.

Time to work back into the mature world.

December 11, 2009

What's the 411 with the H1N1 ?!

A third Manitoban has died of H1N1 this week, bringing Manitoba’s death toll up to ten. The latest death comes as the last of Winnipeg’s mass immunization clinics are preparing to close their doors leaving many Manitobans unvaccinated, and still vulnerable to the deadly disease.

Registered Nurse Practitioner, Julie Hesketh, of the Carman Public Health Unit, says that after the seemingly H1N1 caused death of a young boy in Toronto, Manitobans were in a panic to get vaccinated. “We didn’t get nearly the amount of vaccine that was expected. In an area that has 6000 to 8000 people we only had enough vaccine for 200 doses in the first two weeks. We could only give it to people on the priority list, but everyone wanted it.”

The virus has continued to circulate throughout the province, with 1,697 more confirmed cases since this spring, a total of 2589 since April. Health officials are saying that lab-confirmed cases do not reflect the actual number of people in the province who may have the virus. Officials add that despite good levels of vaccination in the province, the virus should still be taken very seriously and that people who still want the vaccine should go and get the shot. Fifteen serious negative reactions to the H1N1 vaccine have been reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada and are being investigated.

The WRHA is working with schools to offer the H1N1 vaccine at post-secondary institutions in the province. The University of Manitoba has been home to a public mass distribution clinic for the Fort Garry area. The University of Winnipeg held a clinic on Dec. 2, Red River College held one on Dec. 1 at its Notre Dame Campus and on Dec. 4 at the Princess Street Campus. Holding the clinics in schools has been a motivator for students to get immunized. “I only went to get it because they basically brought it right to me,” says Jenny Allison*, a Red River College student currently attending classes at the Notre Dame Campus, “I’m from out of town, and I wasn’t going to make a special trip to get the shot.”

With hype over the vaccinations dying down, holding clinics at schools has brought out much higher numbers of students who otherwise wouldn’t be getting the vaccine. “Most people that came back were older adults who had been turned away in the first few weeks,” Hesketh explains. “There’s a gap with older teens and young adults who aren’t getting vaccinated. Putting clinics in schools has helped to reach that gap.”

Hesketh feels that there is still reason to be vaccinated. “Among the people in the province who aren’t vaccinated, 50 per cent are without H1N1, and they aren’t even sure if they’ve had a mild case or not.”
While Hesketh believes all Manitobans should receive the vaccine, she is confident that shutting down mass clinics is a step in the right direction. “The vaccine is delivered in bottles with 10-15 doses per bottle,” says Hesketh, “each bottle costs 700 dollars and is only good for 24 hours. It’s a waste of medicine for us to stock that much vaccine only to have one or two people come in per day. We’ve gotten past that stage in the plan.”

Despite the pending closure of the city’s mass immunization clinics, Hesketh remains confident that all Manitobans who want the vaccine will be able to get it. “It’s going to be a little less convenient for some people, but in the end everyone who needs it is going to get it.” She says, “It’s going to be a challenge to prevent any more deaths, but we’re taking it step by step.”

December 2, 2009

Yes, they really do come up with this stuff.


Come along with me my friends, as we learn a little bit about how ridiculous people are.

I sat typing vigorously on my laptop, intent on replying to every notification on my facebook, when I was rudely interuppted by those mythical things called pop-ups. This pop-up just so happened to be a video of something called the Every Other Day Diet.

"HMMMM" I thought as i said to myself. "self, this seems like it might be watchable. It's a video, and this guy's voice is kind of relaxing, maybe I'll just leave it on in the background."

But then, it sucked me in. What on earth could an every other day diet be? well I certainly found out. In the EODD you eat as much as you want, of anything you want for an entire day. But the next day, you don't get to eat anything at all. Only water, with flavoured water for dessert.

Intriguing, I thought. I don't think I could handle fasting for an entire day, but maybe it works? So, I googled.

Google found me some answers, particularily The Great Fitness Experiment Blog. Where Charlotte Hilton Andersen talks about her dealings with fitness and diets. The EODD proved to be an epic FAIL, epic my friends. She ended up gaining weight after a week of starvation and binge eating.

I decided to cross that diet off of my list. Maybe for now I'll just stick to moderation and sweat.
Cue 20 minutes of Turbo Jam.

Let's keep trying the old fashion way.

November 28, 2009

Twitter / Twih-Turr / noun

def. 1. A free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.
2. What's Happening?

Twitter and I have been forced to co-exist with one another, and I have to say I still don't get what the fuss is about. I think what's left out of the definition, is that you must have a Twitter friendly phone in order to really benefit from Twitter.

I think it might take some time before I find some benefits of Twitter to talk about!!

November 24, 2009

Bohemian Muppets, Video Conferencing is Counterproductive.

So for the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's passing,someone intelligent came up with an idea.
And since Queen and Sesame street are two things often found together this just seems natural...
Promise me that you'll stick it out until the end!
This video is a progression of greatness right up until the very end.
A true classic, especially for any Muppet fan!

November 20, 2009

Ode to the Sandwich

I believe, that the sandwich is the most versatile thing on the planet.
And today I've been inspired by my lunch, to stop and pay tribute.

Whether it be cheese between two slices of bread, or ice cream between two soft chewy cookies, the sandwich never fails to deliver.

It is very flexible, endlessly customizable and consistently delicious.

Named for the ambitious Earl of Sandwich, this classic was born when the Earl simply called for meat between two slices of bread, and a new era was born.

So today, I raise a glass to you, sandwiches of all kinds.

You rock, don't ever change.

November 19, 2009

Renovations Are Only Fun In Theory

Or at least if you aren't the one doing all the work!!

I've decided to remodel my blog a little bit, try to make it a little easier on the eyes.
If I'm speaking in html codes tomorrow it's not intentional. I've just been staring at this screen for far too long.

You know what else, just on a side note, the world has a cruel sense of irony.
As Mike Holmes would say, MAKE IT RIGHT! that's directed at you cruel universe. you.
Think about it. fo realz.

November 13, 2009

Maybe. Just Maybe, Guys Have A Point.

WARNING: This one's for the girls

Okay so I know it's hard to believe, but maybe guys have some serious insight when it comes to finding ways to spend time.

Girls, we're so stressed! We worry about everything!!! It's kind of true! And then guys talk about how we get angry so easily, we're so irritable etc. Well why is it that guys aren't irritable?! What makes them so laid back?!

With a shout out to Kiran
I have a theory.
Maybe, guys take more time out of their average day just to do something they enjoy.

I played Rock Band for the first time the other day, and as I sat there beating away at the drums (badly might I add) I said to my friend "Why don't we do this more often?"

Us girls tend to be a little hard on guys, escpecially when they sit around watching tv, playing video games, watching "gross mindless" youtube videos and other seemingly pointless things. But, maybe instead of giving them a hard time, we should be taking more time out for ourselves too?

Most guys that I know have some sort of hobby that doesn't really seem productive, or useful in any way. Girls we know we all have hobbies just like this, but why don't we indulge in them the way that guys do? Why don't we watch friends reruns for 3 hours straight? (or whaatevver floats your boat!). Maybe you'd rather have a spa night, why don't you?! I don't know why we don't, maybe it's a vicious circle, we stress, so we're too stressed to relax, so we just get more stressed? Maybe it's time we forced ourselves to do something just for us, purely for our own enjoyment... and I don't mean go to the gym, cause let's face it, that's productive... but more like buckle down and play a video game, or listen to music and paint your nails, just something for you.

I don't know what every girl likes to do with her spare..ish time, but maybe we wouldn't be so hard on guys if we took a page out of their book, be a little selfish for a couple hours, you're allowed.

November 1, 2009

An Inspiring Flash of PURE Brilliance!

So today I was thinking to myself.

"Self, I would like to reach out and read some blogs from the other sections, let's try and make some friends."
So me, myself and I, collectively sat down to explore the blogging world.
The take-off point? Kenton's blog, he seems to have absolutely everyone's blog on there so I figured why not.

So I scrolled through the masses and opened the ones with interesting post titles in a new tab, feeling brave, I also scrolled right on through the Ad majors' blogs as well (I hope I used that apostrophe right Petty!).

I came across one blog, Just Jeffrey, with very interesting subject matter, The Grinch!   
?!?!?!?! "Wait a minute," I thought, "What on EARTH is someone blogging about the grinch for around Halloween?! Isn't that the wrong holiday?!" So out of my intense interest I clicked on that link ..and my mind was blown away.

A Halloween Version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas?!?!?!?!?
"BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS" I thought loudly. And I won't ruin it for you, but really, give it a listen. It'll do itself justice.

I know my opinion really doesn't count for much, but I applaud you ad majors, applaud you, with a standing ovation. You inspired me today to be creative.. or at least to try.

And to you 'Just Jeffrey', you're kind of awesome.

October 27, 2009

STOP THAT! Before you rip ALL your hair out.!!

"I don't know what I want to write about!"
A phrase over used by many bloggers.

Why is it so hard to come up with a topic for our blogs? Inspiration is kinda hard to come by.
A blog is sometimes called an online diary, let's face it, anyone who keeps a diary, wouldn't likely post it on the internet without some alterations. We do try for some entertainment value, or at least educational purpose, so sometimes it can be REALLY hard to come up with ideas.
When we write blogs, most people have a subconscious filter that stops them from writing things embarrassing, incriminating, or just plain stupid. ..Because really now, do any of us really want to write bad things about ourselves?

Here's a list, Glenda style, of things I've learned about coming up with a topic to post about.

ONE: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, under any circumstances, GOOGLE for a post idea. Not only will you find a big fat load of nothing, do you really think you're the first person to Google for a blog idea? If it's out there on Google, it's been done to death, and chances are it's been done a lot better than you are gonna do it!

TWO: Read other blogs!! If you read other blogs, you can figure out what sort of topics you like and don't like reading about, it will help a lot when deciding what to write about. You can get a sense for what your style is and what is appealing to you when it comes to reading. If you really know your posting style, the ideas will fall into place. You can take something and mold it if you know what you want your end result feel like.

THREE: Let your mind wander, sans restraint! You might find that you've begun to think about what you want for dinner instead of blog post ideas, but that's how you get ideas! When you think of something and it interests you enough to say 'Hey, I wonder..' post about it! If you find yourself thinking about something excessively, make your internal conversation into a blog! Don't be afraid to think out loud on your blog. Sometimes your posts may take you in a direction you weren't intending on going in, and it might surprise you to see just what your mind comes up with. If it doesn't fit with your theme now, fit it in later, alter it after you've written it! Never fear! You can always go back and edit, so don't put too many boundaries on a post! You make the rules.

FOUR: It's TRUE! If you REALLY don't have anything to blog about, (you're drawing a blank, your mental state at this point is not good, and you have hit delete over 400 times on the first line) STOP TRYING! Guaranteed the minute you give up, a trillion ideas will bombard your brain center. DON'T NOT blog about something because you think other people will find it silly! You'll miss out on a lot or great ideas if you censor them too much. be natural about your blogging. so if something strikes you randomly, write it down for later, don't let ideas get away! A great teacher I once had told me, "Ideas are like fireworks," because it's like there's a great big explosion of light when they first hit you but they disappear so quickly, and then you don't remember them at all, just the fact that they were great, and now they're gone. So don't force it, let it happen, and when it does, WRITE IT DOWN!

FIVE: Don't make blogging a chore. If you have to write a blog for say, a class of some sort.. don't make it a chore! Make it a habit! If you try to force a blog theme, or a post, it's not going to work, and everyone can tell. If your blog feels like a chore, change your theme, change your layout INSPIRE yourself! Everyone has thoughts, opinions, experiences; make your blog an extension of you! You won't ever have a shortage of ideas ten minutes before you have to post, as long as your blog is something you enjoy writing and feel truly connected to. There are things everyday that inspire me in some way, and there are things that drive me bazonkers that I'm really tired of and I choose to write about them. I don't feel strongly about every single one of my posts, but they can't all be golden, or else none of them would be! If you feel passionate about your blog, post ideas will come!

Blog on.
Good luck.
May the force be with you.

October 23, 2009

Pumpkins, Thriller and Costumes

What is the point?
Without Trick-or-Treating.
After the age of candies, ghouls and goblins, why do we still enjoy Halloween?
I think that even though we get older, we still enjoy a good game of dress-up. ESPECIALLY when everyone we know is playing along with us. Every year we toss and turn and stay up all night thinking about what we're going to be this year!
A witch? no too stereotypical.
A black cat? that is soooo predictable.
A bag of jellybeans?...hmm.. nah come on now, I can't see you wearing that to college parties.
WE spend tons of time coming up with the perfect idea, only to have to be able to follow it up with a great costume so that we aren't answering the question "What ARE you?" over and over again.

Maybe it's just me but I'm certainly not tired of Halloween!
I'm not against having a day to wear a costume either!

October 14, 2009

Buyers Beware!

Consumers be scared?

This post is part of an assignment in advertising class. We have been asked to post our findings after some very intriguing research.

How much are we really thinking about what we eat everyday?
I know that I try to put in some thought, but I'm really not thinking about it as much as I would like to say I am.

SO my buyer beware team decided to find out if frozen or fresh foods would be more beneficial to us average students, based on the following four criteria; price, taste, health, and convenience

We surveyed 80 students to find out what's the most important thing on their minds when shopping for food.

We asked students to rank food,price, taste and health in order of importance with 1 being the most and 4 being the least important.

Taste came in 1st with 53% of the number one votes!
Price pulled second with a solid 30%
Health came in third with 11%
and convenience ranked last with only 6%

We were surprised with the results of our surveys, as we were expecting price to rank number one, seeing as a large amount of students are living on a budget and what not. We had also expected convenience to pull more than 6% of the number one votes, we thought that with students being so busy that time efficient meals would be more of a priority.

We also held a taste test to find out if students preferred fresh or frozen meals.
Our test consisted of a homemade vegetable lasagna, a frozen vegetable lasagna which was Bassili's Best 6 Vegetable Lasagna, homemade chicken alfredo, and frozen chicken alfredo which was Stouffer's Skillet Sensations Chicken Alfredo. Our frozen entrées were chosen because they were marked with the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check and were the cheapest choices with that mark. Students were not aware that one of the dishes was frozen, however most were asking after they had tried both.

The results of that test threw us for a bit of a loop. While the homemade lasagna beat the frozen on by an overwhelming amount of the vote (76%), the homemade chicken alfredo lost to the frozen alfredo only capturing 47% of the votes. We had fully expected our homemade versions to win both taste tests, which may have just been our egos..

The results showed us that good frozen dinners could be purchased at a decent price and tasted, in some cases, better than the homemade alternative.

It took us a long time to prepare both of these meals, and even though we were making double than both recipes called for, our times would not have been cut down by much. The homemade lasagna for example required a good half hour to prep and put together as well as another half an hour in the oven. This was with five people cooking it!

We were slightly surprised with some of the ingredients in frozen dinners. It's important to know what you're eating when you buy a frozen dinner as we found out some actually contained preservatives and chemicals EXTREMELY bad for you in larger doses.

We felt that the answer to our question of fresh or frozen could be broken down to answer for each person's individual needs.

If you're looking for a cheap meal..
We reccommend purchasing frozen dinners, they are actually less expensive than making them at home in most cases and they won't rot or go bad!

If you're looking to stay healthy...
You should probably opt for more home cooked meals. You have much more control over the amount of fats and unhealthy things in your food when you prepare it, as well as you lose a ton of preservatives and chemicals. Healthy options are available in frozen foods, but a healthy frozen dinner doesn't necessarily measure up. If you find you can't help throwing in too much butter when you cook, there are good frozen dinners out there if you look.

If you're looking for a time saver...
Your best is probably a frozen dinner. They're quick, and require very little attention and effort to cook! However if you really want to eat homecooked, prepare a meal like a lasagna on sunday night, it keeps well and will last you a while and even though it might take some time on Sunday, it won't take any on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday...

If you're just looking for the best tasting meal out there...
Well that's all up to you. Some people prefer the taste of a frozen meal, and some people prefer home cooking. If you're not the best chef, there's definitely a frozen dinner out there for you. If you are a good chef, we say take the plunge and go for it at home! You can also control how your food tastes when you cook it and can alter things to the way you'd like it!

If you're looking for a good time..
haha just kidding!
But really, we had a great time cooking together and it can be a fun way to spend time with your roommates or to get that lazy boyfriend to do some cooking!

October 8, 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley were on to something..

There's just something about a good movie.

You know, the ones that take you away on a complete vacation of the mind. Those movies with those nice scenic shots lasting a good ten seconds that make you feel like you've transported to another place. I LIVE for those movies.

But what is it about these movies that really gets us hooked?

Is it the soft yellow tinge of lighting cast over the scene to enhance a sunny setting?Is it the light hearted music that plays in the background trying to spirit us away?
I think the truth is that sometimes, we really just want an escape from our lives.

A movie is like a cheap, although short, escape from reality.
You're offered another life, you can imagine you're someone else, living in different circumstances, experiencing things that you might never really get to experience. AND you get to choose your own adventure... feeling romantic girls? How about Under the Tuscan Sun? The Holiday? you can choose what you want to feel almost down to the last detail.

Now this isn't to say that you have to hate your life to enjoy a good movie, it's just that sometimes, we need the thrill of an action movie, or we need the excitement of watching someone race against time.

I remember watching the Olsen twins travel the world, and how it left me feeling like I'd been on vacation. It's inspiring watching a good movie that makes you feel a little something for life. Sometimes, we all need a little getaway.

I think I'm going to go watch Passport to Paris.

September 22, 2009

Dear Lil' Wayne, I Hate You.

..But you aren't the only one.

I hate you T-Pain, I hate you Pussycat Dolls, I hate you "Flo Rida".

I am currently a victim of the war on music.
Actually, allow me to be more specific, the war on LYRICS. It is crucial that I say lyrics and not music, because for the most part, there is always a genre of music blossoming, and there are great musicians to be found... LYRICS however, in my opinion, not so common these days.

The top 40 is primarily listened to by youth, so what is it these days with the amount of profanity in songs?!?!? I mean I won't pretend that I don't say a few choice words, but EVERY SECOND WORD is crude, rude, or plain old profane! Not only is this in, say, hip-hop, it's in bubble gum pop music and pretty much everything else you can think of. I mean there's a time and place for it, but do we really need it in every song on the airwaves?

This is why when people ask me, "WHY do you listen to 90's music all the time?!" I simply press play and pass them a headphone.

SURE, I mean music is growing and changing, but since when does that mean that we have to forget about some sort of decency.? at least in the nineties boy bands' lyrics skirted around the fact that they were trying to pick up chicks (with the exception of *NSYNC's Lance Bass). Nowadays, we're straight up refering to women as garden tools..? so much for progress..

I prefer back in the day when B4-4 wanted to "set your spirit free" as opposed to some wannabe gangsta talking about how he's gonna "superman that hoe". what in the world..?

When was the last time anyone listened to a good solid B4-4 song anyways? Girls, when was the last time you listened to a rap song and thought, "wow, he said some really nice things about women!" ..try never. okay MAYBE one time..

But really, my point here I guess is that it's just so wrong that these are the things that little kids are growing up on. I had Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, All Saints,TLC, 98 degrees and *NSYNC, arguably some of the best boy and girl bands ever, with wholesome lyrics, true bubblegum stuff people. Kids now have the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus? We had old Britney, They have new Britney. I feel like this wave of kids is being totally ripped off.

Why is it so wrong for someone to make a wholesome song these days? Are poor grammar, bad pronounciation, and lack of vocabulary signs of a great lyricist? Don't give up though, wit is stil alive and fighting in the mainstream.

I think it's time for a music revolution. They say everything cycles back around again, well, let's bring back the nineties. You might say I'm stuck in the past, but what's so wrong with that? When something gives me cause to look forward, I will, until then I reserve the right to hate lame, derogatory music and miss old pop.

Despite the negative undertones in this post, this was actually rather inspiring to think about. I recently spent a good day looking for old music that I missed or that made me feel good, and deleting stuff I had (simply because it was a popular party song) that I didn't even really like! I am re-inspired to take time out to maintain my music library because it really does affect how I feel daily and it's totally worth taking some time out to clean out your song closet!

here's a dirty song from 2001 from me to you..

September 13, 2009

The Dance Disease is Contagious!!!!

Just to inject a little happiness :) ...

This is a video from Oprah's 2009 Street Festival in Chicago
800 of these people were taught this dance.. if you watch closely after a while the people outside of the gates start to join in and then it just continues to spread! Like a dance infection! The dancing crowd is actually inspired by the flash mobs that have been showing up in random places like subways. This forsure makes my inspired column, what a great way to get people involved in a performance! And who could've anticipated everyone else catching on?! I definitely recommend watching this video! It just REEKS of positivity :)

September 12, 2009

Life in... the real world?

Dun dun DUNNNNN!

The "real" world. What in the flipping heck is that supposed to mean? Everything before my high school graduation is moot? I didn't exist before 18? My life has been one HUGE staged event and I'm about to become a real sequel to "The Truman Show"?

I beg to differ.

SO they say, in the real world, people aren't always nice, life isn't fair, and bad things happen to good people. They say that no one cares if you succeed or not, and no one is going to push you.

I don't know what high schools "they" went to, but maybe it's time to re-evaluate this whole real world deal.

In high school, kids will devote time and effort to ruining eachother's lives and they will stop at nothing. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but between having someone try desperately to make sure I cry myself to sleep every night, or feel complete apathy towards me... I think I might opt for the latter.
If you've got no one who cares if you succeed in life, you have a sad existence dear friends. I hope that each and every person has SOMEONE to care if they succeed or at least who would save them if they ran off to join a cult. We all need someone to care if we sink or swim, whether it be a parent, friend, significant other, we need someone. ...however...
You shouldn't need someone else to be your motivation, you should be your motivation. You're worth the hard work, so WORK HARD!

So far I must say I'm not feeling like I've missed to much on the whole real world front. This seems pretty legit to me...
OH! life experience you say?
"you're only 18, how do you know anything about life after high school"
well hmm, maybe just because I was in high school doesn't mean I was a mindless conformer for years, walking around with a severe case of tunnel vision.

In a class filled with grade ten students, I have heard words of wisdom on topics like; abortion, assisted suicide, drugs, and world issues, that have been extremely insightful. There are full grown adults in the world who have no idea about half the topics that these young adults were tackling with inspiring passion.

I don't know where this idea that to experience life you had to be a certain age came from, but I completely and wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing more real than the experiences of high school. The extremes, are extreme, and sometimes these kids are dealing with things that people out there in the "real world" couldn't possibly understand.

I am so sick and SO TIRED of the idea that life starts AFTER graduation. Our lives are happpening now. All of my experiences have shaped who I am and I should hope that counts for something. As for the real world, who needs it? I'm perfectly happy with the world I'm in and if someone thinks for one second that work or school has anything to do with that, they are sadly mistaken.

On a somewhat lighter note, since this is some sort of world where people need sleep, I'm done ranting.

"In case I don't see you,
good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!"
- The Truman Show

September 10, 2009

Dear Poetry

Well poetry, allow me to tell you how I feel.
Using nature, in a poem..

hate thee,
with the
fire of a thousand suns.

there. creative enough?

To be honest, I don't totally hate poetry.. or writing it. It's just poetry on DEMAND that drives me up the wall.
"Well hello there, how nice to see you this morning, at 8 am. Now please bare your soul for the enjoyment of others."
"Well gee whiz teach! I'll get right on that.."
that's pretty much how it feels at least, because let's face it, the best poems reveal something about the author. Whether it be simply their sense of humour, or something much, much... much deeper, darker and uglier. PLUS, these things take time. Poets write when they feel inspired, and their words take months, days, weeks, years, a lifetime even, to perfect, and they aren't all still guaranteed to be good. So, for me, writing a semi decent poem in fifteen minutes, on demand, not likely to happen.

AND why is it that whenever people are reading a poem, they feel the need to disect it until there's nothing left but battered words screaming "stop it! I swear I only have one meaning! there's nothing more! give up already!" sometimes something actually is what it seems! Just because I'm talking about one unique tree in a forest, doesn't mean I'm actually talking about a rebel in a crowd of conformers! I just mean to say that this tree was a unique tree, and it was in a forest.

Despite poets using inspiration to guide their hand through yet another masterpiece, I think that poetry is definitely tired. When was the last time someone just flat out said what they meant? Stop hiding behind symbolism and people in train stations, because frankly, the people who need to read those poems, don't understand them. Stop being so darn pretentious!

September 8, 2009

First day jitters anyone?

You know how in movies the new girl breezes through the front doors, time almost comes to a complete stop, her hair blows in the wind (that's somehow made its way inside), and everything is slow motion. The classic new girl entrance. If only life were like that. We've all been through it, the first awkward minutes, the first class at a new school. In reality, first days rarely go quite as smoothly as they do for that girl in the movies, most of us just aren't that lucky.

Starting at college this year was absolutely terrifying for me, I won't lie. There are rows upon rows of people in the exact same situation, yet, somehow it feels like you're the only fish out of water. So you shuffle in hoping to go unnoticed, and you sit quietly in the first chair you can find. Safe for now. So you're sitting there, finally starting to feel okay, and that's when someone decides it's time to get up and break into groups. That's when you notice that the girl beside you is standing around looking as alone as you feel. SCORE, insta-friendship. You've found a temporary best friend and you aren't going to be separated if your life depends on it. So, you make your way through the rest of the day, somewhat easier now since you aren't quite so alone.

By the time you get home you barely remember those jeans you specially wore, or the pens you organized so neatly, but you definitely remember how long the day felt and how much you never, EVER, want to do it again. We all love back to school shopping, but how many of us really love back to school? New friends are great, so are new clothes, but, I think I would prefer it if I could just send a body double for the first day or so. Once you get past that first day, we tend to forget just how awkward it was, and by the time next year rolls around, we're excited all over again. Convenient.

I 'm all for new things, but I think first days are totally tired, and I could go a longggg time without having another one.!

The Name Game..

I don't think that there's anything as easy or as hard as coming up with an idea for a blog. Let's face it, we all rant. ALL of us. Whether it be in person to our best friend or to our online diaries, we do it. Now one day you may be sitting and decide you want to start a blog to vent about the events of your day or whatever it may be. When you decide to start this blog, your blog generator is going to ask you for a title. GOOD LUCK, you might as well give up on originality now. Anything you find remotely witty or charming, someone else thought of 2.2 seconds before you. Your best bet is to start picking out your number combination to add on now. There's nothing worse than having the perfect title picked out, typing it into the "availability checker" and having it pop up saying basically "SORRY, you were too slow, someone else thought of that already and now you are screwwwed". so instead of being 'carlover' you're 'carlover38682'. Great, how unique do you feel.
Sounds like a good time for a rant?
well, TOO BAD...
you can't rant until you pick a name for your blog.

blogs require some major creativity, to come up with new fresh ideas (starting with the name of course), so despite the overuse of popular slang and well, general overuse period, they are still totally inspired.