February 13, 2010

Facebook vs Twitter

I don't know if that's even a fair comparison.

I mean there's a HUGE difference between the two.


An online network of QUADRILLIONS of people with profiles, photo albums, chat, written notes, wall to write on, message sending capabilities, fan pages, groups, events, and thousands of applications to customize your Facebook experience to they way YOU want it.

Facebook is a place where you can find almost everyone under the age of 21 these days. This is how the youth of today talk to eachother, make friends, keep friends, stay in touch and just generally entertain themselves.

My mom, however, uses Facebook to get back in touch with her old grammar school friends who still live in London, and my aunts use it to say happy birthday to me when they can't make it in town.

Facebook connects people in a way that feels so personal you don't realize the distances that sometimes seperate them.


Twitter is a long list of updates from a list of people you should choose to follow. People can choose to share links and links to pictures.
the max length of each "tweet" is only 140 characters.

Now all of this closely resembles what is called the status update on Facebook.

Twitter is also largely used by people to follow people like celebrities and news sources, which to me seems to be the only real use for Twitter, as a news source.

I personally have found that the only people who enjoy Twitter are people with iPhones or some sort of way to stay permanently in contact with Twitter, or else, what's the point?

I think in this round of Facebook v. Twitter, Facebook wins.
Until Twitter has the amount of users that Facebook has amassed, it really won't be competition.

February 10, 2010

We Interrupt This Broadcast

To inform you of just what is required to write a radio drama.

Hours and hours of thinking.

Writing a radio drama isn't as simple as you might think. You have to come up with a story and characters that are interesting enough to entertain without visuals, that are going to be complex enough to come across many different problems episode after episode and not become repetitive. Not every story translates into a workable radio play. 

When writing a character, you have to remember that no one can see what your character looks like, walks like, or what their physical mannerisms are. You have to convey all of this audibly. If your character walks slowly, you can show this by giving them a slow, dragging low voice. If they walk rapidly, you can create a higher-pitched more scattered speech pattern. Basically, with creating a character for the radio, you really exaggerate characteristics to create a feelings that can be conveyed audibly using sound effects and dialogue.

When coming up with a story, you have to leave room for progression, change, and new problems. At the same time, your story has to have elements of consistency, from familiar characters to settings and the speed at which time passes.

There are plenty of parts involved in writing a drama that are only increased in difficulty with the radio drama, but the work is well worth it and a radio drama can last anywhere from a ten minute segment to a series that will last for ages.

over and out

February 5, 2010

TGIF finally makes sense.

Another long week for the CreComms.
LOONG week.
I mean at this point I don't have anything interesting to post on here..
I've got bloggersblock.
I got a disease, the only cure..

well maybe some sleep.

I'd like to add that the mac and cheese has not been up to par lately in the crafé. not, up to par.
sub par.
below my expectations.

I think I'm slowly losing my mind.
What if I turn into  one of those crazy old people who drink like an inch of scotch like constantly. The glass never seems to empty.
And well, I guess that's usually men.. but ignore that for now. just imagine.
Man, I can't wait to meet me in fifteen years. What a piece of work.
This is starting to turn into one of those useless diary blogs...
damn it.
owell, maybe that will at least be interesting.
I'll call it...

The Deterioration of a Glorious Mind.

or something like that.

ehn. I'm out of steam. I need CARBS and SLEEP.
to hell with you fitness!
it's too cold out there to take extra warmth for granted.

Auf Wiedersen.. :)